Who’s that girl? – Summer of 22


This picture was probably taken around 1922. Probably on a Sunday morning in Waterbury Ward 1, in New Haven, Connecticut because no one is around.

My third cousin Dorothy Miller is on the left and her big brother Dalton is on the right. Dorothy  was born May 9, 1919 and Dalton  December  21, 1915 so I  figure this is summer of 22.

The girl in the middle is unknown, and we will never know who she is unless I post  that picture on Our Ancestors.

I wonder who took this beautiful picture? Maybe Robert did…

Robert Miller fishing - Michigan  10 October 1954


5 thoughts on “Who’s that girl? – Summer of 22

    • Could be related to the Newcity family because she’s not Robert’s daughter. Joe and I have checked the 1920 census.

    • Also for the time being, Edwina Newcity is the young woman in the back with the other two women.
      I would have wished they were Elmire, Agnes and Marie-Anne Lagacé, but I don’t feel it, so they are Newcitys.

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