Joseph Lagassé – Epilog

This story really started 1014 posts ago with the story of Doris who wanted to visit Ste-Anne-des-Plaines in Quebec where her ancestors once had lived.

I acted as a guide. After her two-day visit, she wanted me to translate what I had written in French on my blog Nos ancêtres so the distant relatives she had in Louisiana could  read it.

Our Ancestors grew from there. I just continued with stories about my genealogical research in the hope of making contact with distant relatives living  in the United States since my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé emigrated there in 1889.

picture from Dennis 2

Stanislas Lagacé with two grandchildren

In 2009 or 2010, I knew Joseph Lagassé was my great-grandfather’s brother, but he was just a name on a census page.

1852 Census

Then I found his baptismal act.


20 August, 1848

Where he had lived in 1861…

1861 Census

In 1871…

1871 Census

Who he had married in 1878…


Where he had lived with Edwina in 1900…

1900 Census

with their only child, their son Robert on the next page…

1900 Census Robert Lagasse

Where the couple had lived in 1940…

1940 Census

In 1942…

1942 Directory

Source Ancestry

When they died…


source Find a Grave

Where they rest in peace…

Forestville Cemetery

source Find a Grave

That was what little I knew about my second great-uncle Joseph until last Friday when Joe wrote a comment on the blog, and wanted to upload old pictures.

Since he couldn’t I wrote him a personal  message…


Joseph Miller Lagasse?

I believe this is young Joseph Lagassé in 1869 when he reached 21.

I think  his wife Edwina Newcity is probably one of these three women, probably she is the one in the back since Edwina was the youngest daughter of Edward Villeneuve and Scholastique Aveline dit St. Jules.


We will probably never know for sure if Edwina Newcity is on that picture because my second theory is that it could be Joseph Lagassé’s sisters Elmire, Agnes and Marie-Anne on that picture.

Now if we could only find about that fishing trip Robert’s family knows nothing about…

Robert Miller fishing - Michigan 10 October 1954


9 thoughts on “Joseph Lagassé – Epilog

    • That’s the only conclusion I can think off. These women can’t be strangers. They have to be related to Joseph. That’s what Joe told me.
      I know the young man is Joseph.
      For me this is a no brainer.

    • You can add Joseph’s picture on Find a Grave. I saw you are managing these people. Just add from Dorothy Miller’s collection.

  1. These are the notes someone shared.

    First there is Jeannine’s comment made 22 April 2017

    Calista Aveline dit St.Jules born August 3rd 1818 in St. Hyacinthe Quebec died Morrison Lamoille Vermont Her baptism name Scholastique. She is related to my family my mom is St.Jules her father is Olivier St.Jules.


    Birth: 1817, Canada
    Death: Jun. 25, 1890
    Vermont, USA
    Headstone hard to read, also inscribed on marker:
    “Through ??? and in heaven, she has gone to her rest”
    James Edward,
    Moses William,
    William Harvey,
    Fredrick A.,
    Austin Harvey.

    Son: Jude’s Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 11 September 1862 at the age of 18.
    Enlisted in Company G, 13th Infantry Regiment Vermont on 10 Oct 1862.
    Killed Company G, 13th Infantry Regiment Vermont on 3 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA. Burial spot unknown.
    As far a Calista’s last name, I have found I have found several different names on some of her children’s birth/death/marriage records:
    On son’s Moses W. Newcity marriage certificate shows Calista St Jule and on another one shown as Calista St John.
    On son James Edward Newcity shows Calista St. Jude
    On son Joseph Newcity Certificate of Death shows Clestia Vessers
    On son Fred A. Newcity Certificate of Death shows Calista Sisters. On his marriage Info shows Calista St. Onge
    On son Austin Newcity Birth record shows Jane
    On son Austin H. Newcity Marriage Calista (Avaline) (note: St Jules Dit Aveline)
    On daughter Mary Newcity Marriage shows Calista St. Jule
    On daughter Dela Newcity Marriage shows Calista Jeos
    On daughter Edna Newcity death certificate shows Calista M. Newcity
    I don’t have any concrete information on Edward either.
    Several years ago I sent out letters to all the Newcity’s I could find in the U.S. One relative, that lived in Connecticut, has since passed, said that he was told by his mother that a catholic and protestant couple (Edward and Calista) couldn’t get married in Canada, due to their different religious backgrounds, so they came to Vermont and were married. His mother also stated that they were related to Cardinal Villeneuve. I haven’t been able to find that connections.
    Another distant relative stated that “There is folk lore that suggests He was descended front Courier de Bois (fur trader/trapper)”. Still another distant relative stated “my husband’s grandmother lived with him as a child. She told him that her great grandmother(Calista) was a French Canadian Indian and that she and her great grandfather (Edward Newcity) never were married”
    On Edward’s son James Edward Newcity Registrar of Death shows father’s name as James Edward Newcity.
    I have not been able to find anything before the 1850 US Census and Edward & Calista already had children then. It appears he was born around 1810 and possibly in Montreal.
    I have found two possible, sister & brother of Edward:
    1. Marguerite Louise (Villeneuve) Newcity born 1822 in Montreal, died 1926 in Montgomery, Vt. her death record shows parents as:
    Edmund & Marcelline (Villeneuve) Newcity. Marguerite married a Paul (Rousseau) Brooks.
    2. Thomas Newcity born about 1826 in Canada East PQ. He and his wife Mary are found in the 1860 Census in Berkshire, Massachusetts. I could not find any other information on them.

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