Joseph Miller Lagasse I presume

I don’t know why I told Donna that 2016 would be a great year for ancestors… a kind of a premonition I guess.

I believe this old man is Joseph Miller Lagasse.

Dorothy Spina and unknown copy-1

The young woman in her 20s is Dorothy Miller, daughter of Robert Miller and Gertrude Barrett.

Robert Gertrude Miller crop copy

Robert Miller was the son of Edwina Newcity and Joseph Lagasse.

Joseph Lagasse and Edwina Newcity

Robert Miller and Gertrude Barrett had three other children.

Ed Toni Miller

Edsen Miller

Dalton Miller 3

Dalton Miller

Aunt Jimmy

Edwina Miller

Why Joseph Lagasse my second great-uncle whom I had been looking for since 2009 had changed his name to Miller as well as all his descendants?

I had always wondered why he had done this until someone asked me this week the meaning of Miller.

Well I said: “A miller in French is meunier.”


Back in the old days some Lagacés had used that name in Quebec since the first Lagacé ancestor  was in fact named André  Minier dit L’Agacé which would evolved as Minier dit Lagacé, Mignier dit Lagacé or Meunier dit Lagacé…Some people would take the first name while others would choose the second one.

Lagacé  would  be  written  Lagassé, Lagafsé, Lagasse, Lagasser, La Gasse,  or… in  this case Miller (Meunier).

Joseph  Lagasse had decided along the way to change his  name using Miller the English  equivalent  of Meunier.

There were three more pictures part of Dorothy Miller’s collection that were shared…

Two are of people unknown. No captions, just faces.

One picture is not.

Robert Miller fishing - Michigan  10 October 1954.jpgRobert Miller went fishing October 10, 1954 in Michigan, but the family has no recollection whatsoever of such a fishing trip!