Who remembers Cecile Beatrice Lagasse?

Ancestry file Cécile Béatrice Lagasse 1913-1915

I do even if she never had any descendant for me to look for.

Cécile Béatrice Lagasse was the daughter of Idala Lagasse and Albina Quintin. She died from diphteria in 1915.

Who remembered Albina Quintin?

I also did in 2009. Albina died in 1914 from general septicemia following phlebitis of both femoral veins. Her daughter Mme. Eugene Moreau was the informant. The undertaker was Adolph P. Lagasse (Idala’s brother).

Albina Quintin death certificate

Who remembered Idala Lagasse a first cousin three times removed I knew very little about in 2009?

Idala 1930

And also remembered his second wife Olivine?


My third cousin once removed Alyce did in 2010, and she still reads this blog after more than five years. Not all the posts mind you. I don’t know if someone has read all the 1007 posts I wrote since I created this blog.

But that’s beside the point I want to make this morning.

I have been writing lately about sharing. Each time someone shares, the giant jigsaw puzzle gets closer and closer to be completed, although I know deep down it will never be completed because we are finding pieces all over the place, over and over again…

This group picture for instance was shared by Sweet Alyce in 2010.


I had tried to figure out who was who on that picture, even the dog…

1921 identification

Alyce had a lot of pictures she once thought of throwing away, but she shared all she had with third cousin once removed Pierre.

This letter for instance where Idala writes his son David… le 2 janvier 1947.

1947 Idala to son David 009

Stay tuned because I have a few more pieces of the puzzle to add since my fourth cousin Stephen sent me these headstones.


3 thoughts on “Who remembers Cecile Beatrice Lagasse?

  1. I’m so excited that you still do this. Being the grand daughter of Odna Lagasse, I love to see pictures of my distant relatives. Thank you for all you do.

    • I just can’t stop Donna. People keep on sharing. If they take the time to share, then I write so more will come…

  2. Our common ancestor Stanislas Lagacé 1816 was the brother of Pierre Lagacé 1825 who is these people’s ancestors. Back in 2008 I had been looking that way when I had hit a brick wall with my lineage. I just got curious and looked for Pierre Lagacé 1825’s descendants.
    It paid off BIG when Sweet Alyce connected!

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