I know you’re just dying…

I know you’re just dying…to know who is also on this old picture.


This man is Arthur Lefebvre, Clara’s brother. He is seen here on this  group  picture with his brother  Hervé Lefebvre sitting on a chair.

I write this  blog  so people  will remember their loved ones. I also  write  to  link up with Americans  who have French-Canadian roots. It’s  a  great  feeling  when  someone  contacts me about a picture  or an article  I posted on Our Ancestors. I have been writing a lot since 2009 and I have made a lot of Americans happy along the way. Every time I get a chance, I write to share my research with people. Some of these people have distant relatives in the U.S.

Arthur, Clara and Hervé had a sister Philana.

Philana Lefebvre was born in 1876. Her father was Modeste Lefebvre and her mother Sophie Charette. She had three brothers and five sisters.

Clara Lefebvre 1868–1949
Phélonyse Lefebvre 1869–
Hervé Lefebvre 1874–1945
Arthur Lefebvre 1875–1953
Ernestine Lefebvre 1877–1943
Philippe Lefebvre 1879–
Irène Lefebvre 1881–
Bernadette Lefebvre 1886

Philana died on April 4, 1949, in Nashua, New Hampshire, at the age of 73.

Philona Lefebvre

To be continued…