Smooth Rock Falls

On October  16, 1918, at 2:30 am, Azarias Gendron died from pneumonia, probably from the Spanish flu. He is listed as a woodsman in this death  certificate.


Azarias Gendron was then hiding from the  Army in Smooth Rock Falls. His father’s name on the  certificate  is the right one. His age is unknown, but I  now  know  he was 24 and married even though  he is listed as single.

Blanche has confirmed last week that the body was never brought back to St-Casimir-de-Portneuf because they were too poor.

Later Blanche had a headstone placed on the family plot with the information she had at that time. Her mother Marie Charette, her grandmother Clara Lefebvre, her granduncle Hervay, and her father she never knew.


Some of the dates on the headstone are incorrect, but it doesn’t matter that much since I made a virtual one…and Azarias Gendron is finally resting in peace somewhere in Smooth  Rock  Falls.

pierre tombale

3 thoughts on “Smooth Rock Falls

    • When I started researching I didn’t know much about Azarias Gendron. One of my loyal reader guided me to this document. Blanche knew very little except that the body wasn’t brought back to St-Casimir-de-Portneuf.

    • Even if the death certificate doesn’t show it, I strongly believe he got killed by the Spanish flu as the other two men.

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