Where to hide?

Azarias Gendron who enlisted with the 253rd Queen’s University Highland Battalion deserted on February  20th, 1917.

proceedings of discharge

Did he go back to St-Casimir-de-Portneuf to be beside his pregnant wife Marie  Charette?

Probably, but he didn’t  stay  long. Marie gave birth to Cécile, a little baby girl on April 6th.

Marie  died six days later…

Azarias  must  have known that the Army was after him. Deserters  had to  be  track down…

There was a great  war going on…


On April 10th, 1917, the battle for  Vimy Ridge got under way. Azarias Gendron was nowhere to  be  found.

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “Where to hide?

  1. With all the absolute carnage and the stupidity of the Generals I really have a fair degree of sympathy with deserters. I know they are letting their mates down but who knows how I would react in the same circumstances!!!! And now what if my wife had just died!!

  2. Marie died April 12, 1917. Azarias went AWOL on February 20th. But that’s beside the point. Life in St-Casimir-de-Portneuf must have been hard for poor Azarias to enlist.

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