I met another descendant of Calixte Euchariste Chaumont…

As a footnote to this reblog…

I never met Mr. Paul-Émile Chaumont after my first  visit.

Our Ancestors

Post No. 3

If you live in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, you surely know Paul-Émile Chaumont…

He lives on 1st Avenue, a stone throw away from Richard Lauzon who lives on boulevard Sainte-Anne. Mister Chaumont phoned me Wednesday night. I was washing the dishes.

He said something about Doris Chaumont and I did not quite understand what he was talking about…

I thought he was the other Doris Chaumont, another descendant of Calixte, who lived in the Trait-Carré. Doris and I had gone with Yvon Lauzon to see him right after our litte genealogy breakfast last Saturday.

He was not home and we did not have time to go back and see him before Doris got back to Ottawa.

Paul-Émile Chaumont told me that his father Adrien Chaumont was Joseph Chaumont’s brother, the great-grandfather of Doris Chaumont.

I asked him if I could meet him. He said anytime I wanted to….

For me…

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