Dennis Lagasse… Who do you think you are?

Almost four years ago…this is how I first met Dennis Lagasse IV, before he found all about his French-Canadian roots, and shared more than 100 pictures from his father’s collection of old pictures.

Let’s just say it made my day.

Our Ancestors

Sometimes I think I scare people away with my passion for genealogy.

I hope I won’t scare Dennis away. If you pass the test and you are not afraid, then you are in for a big surprise…

I am a very serious person and I am very respectful of others. Joe and Sandy know that because they met me in person last month.

And they were not scared a wee bit…


Dennis Lagasse…Who do you think you are?

Dennis is a direct descendant of Dennis 1816, Dennis 1842 and Dennis 1864… He lives in Connecticut where these Dennises are buried.

Dennis put a comment on my blog about genealogy this week… I don’t think I scared him away because he sent me this e-mail… when I first replied to his comment.

Hello Pierre,

I just talked to my dad… and he’s sending me a copy of the pictures he…

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My first cousin twice removed – Redux

This is another one of my numerous first cousins I found in the Land of Forgotten in 2010.

She is Myra Alexandre, Phoebe’s sister.

young Myra Alexandre daughter of Philomene Lagasse and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre

Beautiful isn’t she?

Myra entered the Land of the Remembered when Carl, one of her descendants, found my blog and told his brother Frank.

I wrote about Frank Archambault on this blog. Frank shared lots of old pictures…

Just use the search button. That’s how I get people hooked on this blog.

Frank is a swell guy.

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

William  Archambault and Myra Alexandre  


I hope you’re reading this Frank.

Third cousin Pierre