Caroline Ménard?

This one’s for you Fran!

I had a flash…



It was  among  this collection  scanned  by Robin  in 2011.

Mother of…Amelia  Alexandre?

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgWhat do you think?

Caroline Ménard



Amelia Alexandre, daughter of Caroline Ménard
and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II


Beware of captions…

Father of Amelia.

Picture 083Jean-Baptiste  Alexandre


To be continued…


15 thoughts on “Caroline Ménard?

  1. Pierre, I always assumed she was Mary Alexandre based on a photo with her sister, Agnes, and Combe grandchildren. Am I throwing you a curve? I’ve been enjoying your recent entries; and find the process of identifying the people in the photos fascinating.

  2. I’m so amazed that people have these pictures. It really brings the family back to life. Wish I had some to contribute. Instead, I will continue to enjoy these flashbacks. Fascinating stuff.

  3. On the left is Marie Alexandre. Her sister is Agnes on the right. She’s the mother of Sylvia Bleau Combe the mother of the children.

  4. You’re so right about the age being wrong. Even though I knew Mary’s date of birth I made the assumption it was her based on facial features. Mary has a tendency to look older than she is. We will continue to search for confirmation of your hypothesis. Until then it’s a very good possibility that this is Caroline Menard. What year do you think the photo was taken?

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