I just had to look…

I just had to look for Urbain Aubé’s family and little Alphonse last Sunday morning.

The problem was not looking for them, but to stop looking for other unknown people I had  found along the way.

The only thing I could find about Alphonse Aubé was this Alphonse Aubey in Rhode Island in 1910.

1910 Alphonse Aubey

1910 U.S. census

Were all these people related?

Alphonse Aubey, 58, a widower, born in Canada, a boarder in Paul Blais’ home.

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Who was Clarence Aubey, boarder, male, 13, born in Rhode Island?

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Alphonse’s son?

Who was Lucy Aubey, daughter, female, 31, born in New York?

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Alphonse’s daughter?

The key to this enigma was Maria Blais, wife, female, 42, born in Canada…

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Stay tuned…if you’re the curious type.

headstone Paul Blais

For the source, click here.


I have no idea who is Arthur Lefoley…

1910 Alphonse Aubey

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