Are you related?

This is what I wrote two days ago to Mike Phillips…about Anita Blais. 

Mike had posted this headstone picture.headstone LeFave


Are you related?
I have some of her ancestors.

Anita was the daughter of Clarence Wallace Blais, the son of Paul Blais and Maria Spaulding whose parents were Adelphis Spaulding and Lucie Aubé, daughter of Urbain Aubé and Lucie Trudeau.

Lucie Aubé was Alphonse Aubey’s sister…

Alphonse  was  living in 1910 with  his niece Marie Spaulding and her husband  Paul  Blais.

Mike had also this picture.

headstone Paul Blais

Small world isn’t?

1910 Alphonse Aubey

What about Paul Blais, Head, male, 44, Canada?

I thought you would never ask…

Click here.


Mike has not replied yet to my message I left on Find a Grave.


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