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1861 Sault Ste Marie

1861 census page

This is post 935.

Little did I know, back in July 2007, when my brother brought me pictures to scan, that I would find so many lost ancestors.

Honoré Sauvé et Julie Leroux

Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux

Kenogenini Mentosaky was one of them.

Ojibwe woman

Kenogenini look alike with little Marie Dufault look alike on her back

Little Marie Dufault was 89 in 1861.

She was living with her husband Antoine Trudeau in Beloeil.

1861 Sault Ste Marie

Marie is the daughter of Louis Dufault and Kenogenini Mentosaky aka Marie-Louise Brunelle.

I have no picture to show you, only look alikes.

Ojibwe woman

Did I write that this was post 935?

Post 936…

I stand corrected.

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