154 years ago…

Antoine and Marie were living in Beloeil, Quebec, with their daughter Lucie Trudeau and her husband Urbain Aubé.


135 years ago…

In the 1880 U.S. Census, in Lincoln, Providence, Rhode Island, United States, Urbain and Lucie are there.

Urbain Aubey Self M 65 Canada
Lucie Aubey Wife F 67 Canada
Adolph Spaulding Son-in-law M 45 Canada
Lucie Spaulding Daughter F 40 Canada
Albert Spaulding Grandson M 19 Canada
Wallace Spaulding Grandson M 17 Canada
Albertine Spaulding Granddaughter F 15 Canada
James Spaulding Grandson M 14 Canada
Mary Spaulding Granddaughter F 12 Canada
Carolina Spaulding Granddaughter F 10 Rhode Island, United States

Joseph Spaulding Grandson M 8 Rhode Island, United States
Rosanna Spaulding Granddaughter F 0 Rhode Island, United

Antoine Trudeau and Marie Dufaut are not living with them anymore. Marie would have been 106 and Antoine 104. Urbain and Lucie probably emigrated to the United States around 1870 since Carolina was born in the U.S.

I could go on and on with this search, but I prefer to wait for someone to write me like Rose did in search of her ancestors.

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