Happy Father’s Day

Father’s  Day ended in 1995.


My father  is the 13 year-old  boy  on this  picture. The little  girl next to him is Thérèse  Tremblay. She shared  this  precious  picture in 2012 if I  remember  correctly.

My father  died in 1995.

This is my father’s  grandfather  he never  knew.


Stanislas  Lagacé  aka Dennis  Lagasse died in 1927 a few months  before  my father  was  born.

My father  never  talked  that  much  about  his ancestors  nor did his father  Léo  Lagacé  Senior. So I guess I  have to blame  them for my addiction…

Speaking  of addiction, I  am addicted  to my four  grandchildren.

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