Revisiting some ancestors…

Call it self-control if you want.

I could have posted this last Sunday with my other post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am not related at all with the people on that slideshow.

Strange isn’t?

famille Hogue vers 1910

This picture was shared with me in 2009, and it started my obsession with old pictures.

I had to know who these people were, and I had to write about them on a blog.

Write I did, and practically everyone on that picture was later identified starting with the patriarch Jean-Marie Hogue…

Jean-Marie Hogue

His son Arthur Hogue…

Arthur Hogue

His second wife on the right… and his brother Napoléon Hogue on the left…

enfants Jean-Marie Hogue

His son Adonis Hogue on his mother’s lap…

Yes, he’s a boy.

Corinne, Jean-Marie’s daughter, with her two hands on her lap…

I could go on and on, and bore you to death about this extended family seen on a wedding picture taken on April 14,1909, in Malborough, Massachusetts, but I won’t.

Call it self-control if you want.


Jean-Marie Hogue, a French-Canadian, emigrated to the U.S., and worked most of his life in a shoe factory.


1870 census John Hogue


5 thoughts on “Revisiting some ancestors…

  1. Y a comme des airs de famille entre Jean-Marie et Arthur…




    Ça me rappelle des souvenirs

  2. Hello, Pierre, Fascinating! I grew up in Marlborough, MA, and lived there and Hudson for many years. I was even a member of the historical society there when my kids were growing up. To refresh your memory; I’m the great-granddaughter of Joseph A. Bertrand whose mother was Celine Marineau (I haven’t found her grave yet, even though I know which cemetery it’s in thanks to you for providing her death certificate to me) who makes us distant cousins. The shoe industry was HUGE in Marlborough and Hudson for several decades and lured many Fr. Canadians down to the US. I wonder if these folks lived on French Hill which was the enclave for Fr. Canadians in the city. Keep up the good work, Pierre, I enjoy your blog. Susan

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