Did you know?

Did  you  know I have more than 34,000 individual  files on my private  Ancestry  tree I started back in 2009 after migrating my Gedcom from My Heritage to Ancestry?

family tree

Did  you  know I have more than 5,000 pictures on my private tree on Ancestry?

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Did  you  know I have written more than 900 posts  on this blog, and even more on its French version Nos ancêtres?

Did  you  know I have more than one blog?

Did  you  know I always  reply  to requests people send me?

Did  you  know no money  is involved in all of this? No DNA testing also.

Did  you  know I am still waiting  for David  Victor  Lagasse’s  old pictures he promised he would send last month? Or is it two months ago?

Did  you  know how  patient  I can be?

Did  you  know this  was  one of the  first  pictures I posted on this blog, and the person who sent it never wrote back never giving an explanation?

East Bristol 1916

He has to be crazy to look for dead people, and inventing captions…

7 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Amazing! What you have accomplished and your ever growing patience! Enjoy you blog and especially the photos.

    • Just having fun Fran with this post.

      I love those people we see on that old picture sent back in 2010. I would have liked so much to share what I have found since then with these people’s descendants.

      Of course letting David Victor know that I am still alive and well, and sane, is another reason why I posted this.

  2. Did you know that, somewhere out there, there’s a funeral card with my maternal grand father’s picture on it and when and where he was buried? 😀

    • Oui je sais. Je suis justement en train d’écrire quelque chose qui va dans ce sens.
      Assez bizarre comme coincidence.

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