Will David Victor Lagasse become our new A-Team member?

Hello Pierre, I now live in the American Southwest, but my family is from Bristol, CT. My paternal grandfather was Victor Phillippe (sp?) Lagasse of Prospect St., married to Alice Myer from Mass. I believe Victor was born in the province of Quebec, and moved to Bristol in the early 1900s. He had at least 7 children, one of whom was my dad, Paul Roger Lagasse. Any information you have is most appreciated.

Thank you !

Or will I scare  him away?

East Bristol 1916

Another cliffhanger…

How I met your ancestors? – Episode Five: East Bristol around 1916

For you David my new found second cousin once removed

Our Ancestors

I have to start somewhere don’t I?

Bristol circa 1916 seems a good place to start.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Imagine I am a young photographer taking this picture. I would be a family member, and I would be just starting a new career in photography..

Why not immortalize these people with “Pepere”…

original picture of the Lagasse family

Original picture from old photo album of someone’s private collection

Sometimes meeting your ancestors will fall short on expectations.

This was something that was not meant to be…

Using this picture?

Please contact me if you use this picture. I don’t mind sharing. I appreciate the fact that you ask first.

This is what I wrote on my “private” family tree on Ancestry with this picture.

Some members I have invited had reposted this picture on their “public” tree, and some other people on Ancestry were using it without asking first. I wish they would contact me because I know much…

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