Louis Joseph Combe and his motorcycle

This one’s for you Ryan…

Our Ancestors

Louis Joseph  Combe is Sylvia’s father who is still living and has a lot of pictures of her family. Her daughter sent them to Robin who is in the process of scanning them all.

Louis Combe was a photographer by trade, but obviously he did not take this photo. 

Louis Joseph Combe

This is the original photo Robin had scanned two days ago.

I did a little editing just using Paint…

It was worth taking the time to do it since Robin took the time to scan 44 pictures.

I won’t be posting or editing all of them.

Only some that will be touching people’s lives so to speak.

I believe the motorcycle picture would have been taken around 1915, maybe earlier. Louis would have been 21 in 1912.

Louis Joseph Combe was born in 1891 in Custer, in South Dakota. He died in 1987.  

His father was Victor Combe…

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4 thoughts on “Louis Joseph Combe and his motorcycle

  1. So glad Ryan introduced himself, I have had fun sharing with him his family, and yes I still read every one of your posts, thanks for keeping it going

    • Having a new third cousin twice removed makes my day.
      Robin you are the most wonderful person in the world.
      Helping Ryan find his roots is quite amazing.
      I wished someone would on day share pictures of my great-great-grandparents.
      Do you feel how excited I am?

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