Are you addicted?

I have been addicted to genealogy since July 2007 when my brother showed me these pictures. 

 Léon Sauvé Dona Sauvé Isaïe Sauvé

Honoré Sauvé et Julie Leroux

I have been addicted to writing blogs since January 2008 when I created Nos ancêtres, a blog written in French, my mother tongue.

Addicted because Nos ancêtres was followed in 2009 by Souvenirs de guerre which was followed by its English version Lest We Forget… 

Should I go on with this intro?


Have you started digging for old pictures…?Redux

Written in January 2011.


Original post

Have you started digging for old pictures…?

You should because they are not going to be around forever you know…

Remember this one?

Does not mean much to you…

But there is a story behind this photograph and this one also…

It’s about little Simonne. She’s the little girl on her father’s lap.

Venance Paiement died in 1918 and Rosina was left with eight children to care for.


Rosina was Rosina Quesnel. She is the one responsible for helping Cassandra with some of her ancestors.

François Quesnel et Élisabeth Chrétien