Mission Impossible IV – Part Two

The Brault name struck a cord when I was searching for French-Canadian names with Joe in St. Joseph  Cemetery  in Bristol. So I took three pictures just to be sure I could read the names later.

Elmire Brault’s name was easy to read, but her husband’s name was hard to clearly  see.

I could make out Fanie Lupien, but it looked like Fannie, a woman’s name.

So I got thinking… and thinking, and looking…

Lo and behold Fanie Lupien’s name was somewhere on a list!

(familles de la paroisse de Ste-Anne à Bristol)

7 thoughts on “Mission Impossible IV – Part Two

  1. Leander Brault, son of Napoleon and Onesime, married Sophie Allaire-12 Jan 1874 in Bedford, Quebec. He was the brother of Elmire. Leander & Sophie’s daughters, Azelia m.Peter Alexandre, son of JBI & Libbie Lagasse and daughter Alexina m. Zephir Choiniere, brother of Arthur Choiniere ( ( I have a photo of on my computer that I will send later).

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