Should I Go On…? Was I dead serious?

I wrote this in December 2009

I wonder if I should go on writing my English blog about genealogy.

I will think about it and get back to you soon.

It was mainly a spin-off of my blog on wartime veterans and keeping their memories alive.

I also wanted to give Lagacé descendants living in the U.S. a chance to link up with their past.

Maybe I will get a message from a descendant wanting to know more… and since I know a lot…

Montreal circa 1954

See you around…

6 thoughts on “Should I Go On…? Was I dead serious?

  1. It is not in your blood! Thank you for honoring our wartime veterans. My dad’s ship took troops to Juno Beach; and he always had the highest respect for them.

    • I did not know that part of your father’s life… or you told me and I forgot…

      But that’s highly improbable since I have a blog called Lest We Forget with more than 700 articles written…

      I would have remembered.

  2. Hello
    I saw this blog searching for my family. Myself and my parents have taken our DNA through Ancestry. I knew of a few stories prior but Never anything near the things I’m finding. It starts with my Grandmother, Rita M Parent. Her Death Cert shows Philomena Canuel and Elphege Parent as her parents. This goes nowhere. especially when we include our DNA. My parents and myself are ALL blood related to a few of the following names;
    Lagasse etc,.

    I’m truly just wanting to know how to enter my Grandmothers name. If you can help in any way possible I’d appreciate it.

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