Post 829

How to find your way on this blog?

Good luck!

You need all the help you can get to find your way around.

How Jon T. Lagasse can find his way is by looking at my private tree on Ancestry.

Even looking in there is quite mind-boggling.

What would be more mind-boggling is if I had only written in French about Jon’s ancestors on the French version of this blog Jon would have never found his ancestors.

Never in a million years…

Jon’s mother had posted a message on a genealogy forum in 2000, and then wrote a comment on this blog in December 2009. She never followed up on her comment though.

Tough luck…

I guess the time is right for Jon to get reunited with his ancestors don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “Post 829

  1. Hello Pierre,
    I happened to stumble across your English blog yesterday and your French blog this afternoon. I have been reading your past posts, trying to start from the beginning but reading here and there. I am pretty sure that I am a distant cousin of yours. My maternal grandfather was Osias Sauvé (1874-1954) who married Kate Welburn as his third wife both in Quebec (Namur) and Ontario (Hawkesbury or Curran) – they married three times for various reasons. In addition, my maternal grandmother was Marie Ida Evaleen Renaud who married Russell H Macklem in Windsor, Ontario, but they were originally from Quebec.

    In addition, I read one of your posts about the Cloutier family, and I believe my husband, Mario Gervais, is related to several other families you mentioned. His parents are Josaphat Gervais (Gervais, Cayouette) and the late Ruth Roy (Roy, Pelletier – a grandparent was a Cloutier).

    Still trying to figure out where you fit on my tree…

    P.S. We live in Ottawa.

    • Hi,

      I will look into this with renewed interest about my Sauvé lineage.

      All Sauvés are related since there was only one common ancestor.

      So we are cousins!


  2. Unless there are errors, my line goes Osias – Etienne Honore – Hyacinthe – Jean-Baptiste – M-Antoine – Pierre – Pierre – François (in France)

    • That’s what I saw on the Internet. I believe this is correct.

      Mine is Aline, my mother – my grandfather Euclide – gg Léon – Honoré – Joseph – Amable Eustache – François-Marie – Pierre, and then François

    • My tree is on under the username LizaGervais. It is public. It includes both my lines and my husband’s lines. I started it many years ago as an amateur (which I still consider myself to be) and have been recently trying to go back and add/fix things as necessary.

      • I am only a registered guest on Ancestry. I don’t have access to other people’s tree and their zillions documents.

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