This is where some of my ancestors lived around 1880.


The Desrivières family lived in the manor.


A whole community revolved around them.

But you already know that don’t you.

Alexandre David, J. P., grocer (my great-great-grandfather)
Alexandre J. Bte., laborer (his son who married Philomène Lagacé, my great-grand-aunt.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre I family

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre with his wife Philomène Lagacé and three daughters: Helen, Myra and Agnes

Baker William, jun., sectionman C.V.R.
Baker William, sen., pensioner
Best E., farm laborer
Bordeau F. X., hay presser (in fact his name was Bourdeau)
Bordeau George, hay presser
Central Vermont Railway, Joshua M. Ferris, station agent
Cote Charles, farmer
Cote Pierre, laborer
Cote T., farmer
Crothers James, J.P., postmaster, sawmill owner and mayor of Notre Dame des Anges
Des Rivieres F. G., J.P.
Ewing George, hay presser
Ewing John, hay and grain dealer
Ferris George, farm laborer
Ferris Joshua M., station agent Central Vermont Railway, agent Montreal Telegraph Co., and United States and Canada Express Co.
Fraser William, farmer
Gall Archibald, gardener
Hanigan John, saw and grist mill and lumber dealer
Hanigan John William, telegraph operator
HANIGAN WILLIAM, dealer in groceries and provisions of all descriptions, including all articles in these lines required for household use, of the best quality, and at prices as low as it is possible to sell them, also cattle dealer, opp Central Vermont Railway depot
Jourdanais Joseph, laborer
Lamair Jules, sectionman C.V.R.
Laparche Charles, blacksmith and horseshoer
Lavoie A., laborer
Leblanc David, sectionman C.V.R.
Leblanc Joseph, farmer
Leblanc Regis, farmer
Maloy Patrick, section foreman C.V.R.
Maloy Thomas, sectionman C.V.R.
Menard Charles, farm laborer
Miller Charles, farm laborer
Miller George, farmer
Miller Luke, farmer
Montreal Telegraph Co., Joshua M. Ferris, agent
Plante Arthur, miller
Plante F. X., miller
Plantier Charles, laborer
Roy Pierre, grocer
Simard J. Bte., school teacher, secretary-treasurer parish of Notre Dame des Anges
Spear Henry, farmer
Therien Jos., jun., sectionman C.V.R.
Therien Joseph, sen., grocer
United States and Canada Express Co., Joshua M. Ferris, agent
Varieur Toussaint, laborer


There was a train station in Malmaison. It was also called Desrivières.


But you already know that don’t you.

gare de malmaison

What you don’t know is how Patricia Malloy guided me to Malmaison unless you have been reading this blog carefully since July.


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