Dream Genealogy

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Voyageur Heritage

—by Anne Anderson

Dream Genealogy is a way of understanding the world of our ancestors. Although we are not devoted to genealogy exclusively on Voyageur Heritage, the search for our roots is a very popular part of our French Canadian and Metis cultures. In this piece Anne Anderson, a Canadian Metis and French-Canadian community leader, researcher, writer, and performer, presents a new way of envisioning our history and our ancestry — by tapping into our subconscious and collective memories to discover our ancestors through dreams.

I was doing the housework and listening to talk radio. It was many years ago, and as a genealogist, I had been wondering about one particular family line, the Desmarais from France. Many of the Desmarais not only looked like they were part First Nations, but also had peculiar “raccoon eyes.” I wanted to specifically know what part of Europe they came from and I…

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