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I am not related that much to these people on this wedding picture.

So why I am writing about them on this blog?

Lovely Rita

Courtesy Carole H.

Frobe Caron and Evelina Couet wedding: 15 May 1922

In the front is Rita Couet, Evelina’s niece (brother Donat’s daughter). Seated are Evelina and Frobe. The back row (l-r) is: Aurore Garant (sister of Evelina) Donat Couet (brother of Evelina) Wilfred Caron (brother of Frobe) Amanda Caron (sister of Frobe)

So why I am writing about them on this blog?

Because Frobe is related, and I love wedding pictures, and I got permission from Carole to write about these people.

I knew all about Frobe Caron’s maternal ancestors since 2009. His mother was Alice Lagasse, the daughter of Pierre Adolphe Lagasse.  I wrote about Pierre Adolphe Lagasse in 2009 on this post. I wrote about Alice Lagasse here in 2012.

Two years in waiting to search for your ancestors…

I have a lot to share if you are related to these people on that wedding picture.

Lovely Rita

Please write…