Lovely Rita

Lovely Rita was not a meter maid… not even a bridesmaid.

Lovely Rita

I still have a few other posts in the draft section that I want to publish, but this wedding picture has been on the back burner for quite awhile. I was really burning to post it and share all I know about these people.

Burning since 2012!

I just love wedding pictures.

If you have been reading this blog since 2009 then you know how I love wedding pictures.

This is a kind of a spin-off to How I met your ancestors? In fact this preceeds all that I had found about my close relatives.

This is the wedding of Frobe Caron and Evelina Couet.

Lovely Rita is the little flower girl.
Lovely Rita

Courtesy Carole H.

Lovely Rita must have been very proud to have been chosen as the flower girl. Rita is not a close relative, just by marriage. She’s the daughter of Donat Couet and Mary Lapointe.

Not much about the Couets on the Internet.

For now that is.

Carole is the one who has shared this picture. She has shared a few more since 2012 that I can now show you in the upcoming weeks.