I am not quitting just taking it easy from now on… Redux


September 15, 2044

I had written this in September 2014…

That was 30 years ago. Time flies doesn’t it.

So I got curious about what I had written some 30 years ago.

I wanted to do this in July.

Look how many posts were published in July…


In August…


I think I should keep the promise I made at the end of June and repair my B-17!

See you then next Monday with more about Harry.

harry-lagasse retouched

Pierre, the repairs on the B-17 are long overdue…

Next time, we travel back in time to see Lovely Rita and find out more about her life.

Lovely Rita

Courtesy Carole H.


September 15, 2014

I will be more reasonable from now on.


13 thoughts on “I am not quitting just taking it easy from now on… Redux

      • I did not have time to think of a better response since I had just came into the house after a four-hour trip.

        In fact it’s pretty cold here. Autumn is early this year.

        With that 2044 post I just wanted people to know that I am fully aware that this blog is endless, and I will have to go easy on myself and my loyal readers who must have a hard times following me sometimes.

        Now, I am going to look for the meaning of flippant…

      • adjective

        Not showing a serious or respectful attitude: a flippant remark

        I like that word…

        GP… you were not using a flipplant remark at all.

        I can detect people who are not showing a serious or respectful attitude

      • Yesterday I met Jacques Desjardins whose uncle died in WWII.

        I spent four hours with him. I set up his scanner so he can scan all that he has of his uncle.

        Albert Dugal is the airman I had been writing on the 425 Les Alouettes Squadron.

        Jacques will write about his uncle later on Souvenirs de guerre. I have been written there since 2009. I told him he could use the blog to write his uncle’s story just like I did with the story of HMCS Athabaskan.

        There was a lot of emotions during these four hours and we shared a lot of recollections from our past.

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