How I met Harry?

This is how I met Harry I have never met in person. But does it really matters I have never really met him personally?

original picture of the Lagasse family

Harry’s name was not on a caption on this picture. 

So I got curious.

Levi’s name was there as well as Aunt Ida. I knew nothing about them when I saw that picture in 2009. They were just captions on an old picture shared by someone’s mother. I knew who was Pepere and little Germaine. Little did I know where all this curiosity would lead me five years later, and how many rolled eyes I would get from some unsuspecting readers stumbling on this blog.

Being curious is what led me to this write a blog about genealogy in 2009. If you are still with me then the more I learn the more I write.

How can I let you down like my father did in the late 70s?

That I will never write on this blog.

Nobody is perfect not even fathers.  That’s the lesson I have learned since I got struck with GOD and BWD.

I just hope this is not contagious.

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse married Anna Campbell seen here on a picture also shared in 2009.

close-up of Anna Campbell and Harry Lagasse 

I know all about her ancestors and her two boys, Gerard and Lawrence… Well more about Lawrence than about Gerard whose grandson never wrote back.

article on Lawrence death

4 thoughts on “How I met Harry?

  1. Thanks for this post. I still read them all and never knew that Harry and family lived in New York or that he lost a son at 15. The obituaries of that time were so vivid in how they reported the death unlike a typical obituary we read nowadays.

    • I found Anna in the 1901 Canadian Census…

      Campbell Emerie M Head M Nov 21 1841 59
      Campbell Alexina F Wife M Nov 9 1852 48
      Campbell Eugide M Son S Nov 14 1878 22
      Campbell Philippe M Son S May 20 1880 20
      Campbell Maria F DaughterS Mar 6 1883 18
      Campbell Josepha MSon S Jul 2 1884 16
      Campbell Eulalie F Daughter S Jan 1 1886 15
      Campbell Anna F Daughter S Aug 15 1889 11
      Campbell Alice F Daughter S Apr 25 1891 10
      Campbell Elise F Daughter S Aug 311895 5

      Source Information:
      1901 Census of Canada
      Subdistrict: Stanbridge Station, MISSISQUOI, QUEBEC
      District Number: 170
      Subdistrict Number: o-2
      Archives Microfilm: T-6531

      Then in 1910

      Name: Annie M Campbell
      Birthplace: Canada
      Relationship to Head of Household: Daughter
      Residence: Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
      Marital Status: Single
      Race: White
      Gender: Female
      Immigration Year: 1905
      Father’s Birthplace: Canada
      Mother’s Birthplace: Canada
      Family Number: 520
      Page Number: 26
      Collection: United States Census, 1910

      So many clues in theses censuses.

      Immigration date 1905, at least that’s what they told the enumerator.

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