Oh my GOD! Flavie…

Sorry for breaking my promise to write only once a week, but Aquila, a loyal reader and a frequent commenter sent me these retouched pictures of Flavie Alexandre Lestage. He is also suffering from GOD and BWD. He also likes, as I do, to retouch old pictures and give them a new life.

This is the original picture which has a story of its own.




http-steanne - Retouch 1

version 1

 http-steanne - Retouch 2

version 2

http-steanne - Retouch 3

version 3 HDR effect

I know all about Flavie now.

In 2010 I labeled her “about-late-1890s-bristol-conn.” Now I am wondering if what we see on her head is an ornament or just a blob on the original picture…

5 thoughts on “Oh my GOD! Flavie…

  1. You can break your promise not to write as often as you wish! Would love to have the skill and time to retouch those treasured photos. Thanks for sharing.

    • I had to post this since Aquila took the time to retouch this picture.

      Now I am just waiting for Flavie’s descendants to find this blog and write a comment… like

      Oh my God! It’s Flavie!!!

  2. Flavie was known as Phoebe Lestage. She had at least a daughter named Lucille Lestage born in 1909. I wrote about Lucille since I had a picture of her when she was sweet sixteen.

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