Oh my GOD! Flavie…

Sorry for breaking my promise to write only once a week, but Aquila, a loyal reader and a frequent commenter sent me these retouched pictures of Flavie Alexandre Lestage. He is also suffering from GOD and BWD. He also likes, as I do, to retouch old pictures and give them a new life.

This is the original picture which has a story of its own.




http-steanne - Retouch 1

version 1

 http-steanne - Retouch 2

version 2

http-steanne - Retouch 3

version 3 HDR effect

I know all about Flavie now.

In 2010 I labeled her “about-late-1890s-bristol-conn.” Now I am wondering if what we see on her head is an ornament or just a blob on the original picture…