Are you suffering from GOD?

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We are at a crossroad my loyal readers because we will be closing a chapter on this blog.

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse

Are you suffering from GOD?

Genealogical obsessive disorder?

That’s what I think after I have been reading a few posts from a new found blogger about genealogy.

I am definitely suffering from GOD.

No disrespect God wise.

Which makes me think about BWD.

Blog writing disorder.


Dear Pierre,
I hope you’re not tired helping people to find their ancestors!

family picture of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Menard with children



Just kidding of course…


13 thoughts on “Are you suffering from GOD?

      • I play that game with my old pictures too. Everyone who knew them is dead, so there’s no one to ask anymore. It can be frustrating looking at a picture of a family member and not knowing their name or how they’re connected.

      • I agree. We share the same passion and frustration in front of old pictures with unidentified people on them.

    • I am sure you are enjoying all this.

      The picture of Harry is so much interesting.
      I know little about him.

      Now seeing him in a dress blue uniform is so fascinating.

      Harry was born in 1887. In 1917 he would have been 30. He is much younger on this picture.

      Such an intriguing picture.

      Not much information on the Internet about that uniform.

      For now that is…

      • I just received a parchment from my friend in CA, the one who sent the aircraft pix…it’s from the Leach Corp.’s “Heritage In The Air” series and it is about the last kill of WWI. I’m going to do as much research as I can (tho I’m not as thorough as you) and make a post for the 96th anniversary in November. What do you think?

      • You will find information I am sure if this is related to the last kill in WWI, the war to end all wars.

        This would be a good title…

        The last kill in WWI, the war to end all wars.

    • I am not sure about this one Fran.

      Posing as a serviceman would be regarded as somewhat illegal.

      Just a thought I would like to share with the readers who read the comment section.

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