How I never met Harry’s grandson…

Gerard Lagasse, Harry’s grandson never wrote back.

He had written a comment in October 2010 after I had posted this in August 2010.

Hi Pierre
I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info. with you. Thanks

So I have decided to write him again this morning.

You wrote me in 2010 about Gerard Lagasse being your father, but you never replied to my e-mail.
Are you interested in knowing more?

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse, son of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Ménard,
brother of Alice Lagasse

(From the collection of Alice Lagasse)


6 thoughts on “How I never met Harry’s grandson…

  1. As a footnote…

    I wrote Michael about writing his story on the blog so people can enjoy his meeting with his new found family.

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