John Molloy, Thomas James Malloy’s brother

This is not going to be a happy post.

In my ongoing search for Thomas James Molloy who married Philomene Alexandre, I contacted a Find a Grave member because he had this headstone.

It’s the headstone of John Molloy (Malloy) who was Thomas James Malloy’s brother. Maybe he was somewhat related to the Malloys so I wrote him a message.

I wanted permission to use it on Ancestry and on this blog.

John Molloy headstone

Little did I know that…

This is the biography he wrote..

To see contributors relying on eighty year old data based SOLELY upon what what was transcribed decades ago is not what I believe Find A Grave is about. They duplicate memorials because the data they based their memorials upon is abundant with misspellings. Memorials that read Name “Unknown” — Date of Birth “Unknown” — Date of Death “Unknown” — Cemetery “Unknown.” What benefit is that entry to the viewer? Tens of thousands of memorials with a couple hundred photographs, and few if any links to family members to me signals a problem.

Considering this, I couldn’t agree more with the following statement I saw on a fellow contributor’s profile.

“I think it is a real shame what findagrave has evolved into. What started as a noble way to link people with graves of loved ones they could never hope to see, and with the generations that had preceded them, has turned into a game for some. Memorials have turned into a kind of “trading card”, a competition of who can own the most memorials and post the highest numbers. What has been forgotten by many is that these were people, loved in life and death, not a commodity to be traded or owned.
With my apologies to those that have pure motives. I hope there are more of us than there are of them.”

His widow is the one who contacted me.

Hi Pierre,
I am writing to inform you that John past away two months ago.  I am his wife and I do not have an issue with you using the picture or writing about what John wrote on your blog. 

When to stop?

After I have put on the Internet all the information I could gather on these cabinet cards…


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I am wondering if Patricia is getting tired of all the information I have fed her. In point of fact she is the one who is afraid I am going to get tired.

Rest in peace Patricia because this quest for your ancestors will never end.

John Molloy headstone