You tell me…

Is this young child Francis Joseph Malloy, the father of Patricia?

picture of a young child - Adams, Massachusetts

You tell me…

Francis J Malloy

Francis Joseph Malloy
U.S. Coast Guard WWII
Aleutian Islands

Quonset hut in the background

montage Francis Joseph Malloy

Francis was born in 1909 and was put in an orphanage in 1914. He never knew why. Patricia wanted to know why because Francis’ parents had more children after Francis.

I have always wanted to understand how someone could put a little boy in an orphanage and never see him again. The “whys” of it continue to haunt me.When he died, I promised myself I would try to find out his story and until now had hit brick walls.

The little child’s picture was part of Joe’s collection of old pictures. I did not pay too much attention to it since there was no caption. The only clue is the photographer… Parsons – Adams, Mass.

Francis was born there!

These are more pictures from Joe’s collection.


I am sure these people are related somehow to Francis.

The problem is how?

6 thoughts on “You tell me…

  1. You could use someone like Kathy Reichs to help identify bone structure, etc. Hey – as a matter of fact, she works out of Montreal – the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Medecine Legale for the province of Quebec.

    • Sometimes you can feel things in your bones…

      That picture of that little child is telling us something.

      I don’t believe that much in spirits, but then things are strange sometimes like visiting the cemetery with Joe and passing in front of a headstone.

      Remember the Agnes Lagaser story related to the Myers…

      Why this obsession of mine for old pictures?
      So many whys in this business which should not be a business.

  2. My dear Watson,

    Feeling things in the bones, along with pictures telling us something, can only mean that they are not coming from the Fungshway of things, but more from the Frenchshway of getting to the bottom of things. These works are not elementary business Watson.

    Keep up the good work old boy.

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