Sweet dreams Patricia

This is what I wrote last week to Patricia my new found third cousin once removed. 

I was reflecting…

How do you feel being reconnected with your extended family?

I am just overwhelmed by all I have found on the Alexandre family.
I have so many pictures yet so many are of unknown people like you could see.

I am just thinking about how I would feel seeing pictures for the first time of the Lagacé family in the late 1800s and early 1900s from a complete stranger.


Patricia is the person who had written a comment a month ago on my Ancestry tree.

She finally took a look at my family tree, and this is what she had sent me.


I almost cannot explain the feelings I have surrounding this discovery.  My entire life, as long as I can remember anyway, has been spent in awe of this wonderful man who came from nothing and had no one.  His attitude toward life and love was something we could all benefit from.  I have always wanted to understand how someone could put a little boy in an orphanage and never see him again. The “whys” of it continue to haunt me.When he died, I promised myself I would try to find out his story and until now had hit brick walls.  I feel grateful to you and others who continued to pursue your searches and are kind enough to share.  I am grateful for Ancestry’s DNA match. Who knew I was 47% Irish.  I suspected daddy’s father might have come from Ireland based on our family name but had not been able to prove it.  I get almost giddy with the search. There is something new to discover at every turn and even small bits of information excite me.

Feelings:  excitement, gratitude, love, wonderment, surprise, thanksgiving and so much more.

It makes me want to jump on a plane and spend time in Quebec again to walk where they did and to meet these cousins I didn’t know I had.  Coming from such a small family, connections seem more important to me than every.  Even if it is 3rd cousins.  Perhaps at 68 I am getting more conscious of time constraints. 
Thank you,


Sweet dreams Patricia.

You’re not alone anymore.

5 thoughts on “Sweet dreams Patricia

    • I had nothing to do with this…

      She wrote, I replied… she wrote once more… I replied… she wrote…

      This is what happens when people write and reply.

      It’s that simple.

    • I really enjoy these encounters with complete strangers. Once trust is installed, the sky is the limit.

      Patricia had a wonderful father. His father’s parents?

      Why did they place him in an orphanage?


      • True, it is very exciting to come into contact with new found relatives and be able to establish a trusted relationship.
        On the other hand, It’s hard to understand totally abandoning ones own child. I’m sure Patricia would like to know that story!

      • Maybe she will never find out…
        That’s what drives us to dig into our ancestors’ past.

        I should know.

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