So you want to be famous don’t you?

Then you just have to write me and I will make you famous on my blog just like I did with Dennis Lagasse.

Dennis Lagasse II

Dennis Lagasse aka Stanislas Lagacé II

Denis Lagasser was just an old man in the 1920 U.S census. 77, a carpenter… a jober. He was living on Lake Street on the corner of Dewey.

His son Dennis Lagassey was living next door.

Close-knit family!

1920 Denis Lagasser

You know all about Dennis Lagasse II and his son Dennis Lagasse III don’t you?

East Bristol 1916

Denis Lagasser (Dennis Lagasse II) was the brother of Philomène Lagasse.

Philomène Lagacé

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Philomène is also the old lady sitting with her two daughters Agnes and Mary. The young lady is Sylvia Bleau, daughter of Agnes Alexandre and David Bleau. The old lady was probably a widow when this picture was taken since her husband had died in 1914. He would be on pictures taken from that time frame.

Since I have none then…

So the caption about 1913 could be wrong. I have no idea. Dates are important but not that much unless you have them. People are.

I go crazy about people and old pictures.

This is why I got all excited when Patricia wrote last month and then later got all excited about what she had found on her new found extended family.

This is also why all this excitement lead me to write post 785.

I will see you next Monday.


9 thoughts on “So you want to be famous don’t you?

  1. My mom and dad are moving back to CT and will be here the first week of Sept. 2014. They’ve been retired in FL for the last 20 years and are coming back to be near their grand-daughters. I can’t wait for my dad to share what he knows about the Lagasse family in Bristol. It’s been almost 100 years since we all stood together on the corner of Lake and Dewey and took a family photo but I plan on making it happen. Very exciting times ahead!

    • Great Dennis.
      When you know where you come from you know where you are heading in life.

      Life is not always fun, but then as you grow older you become wiser.

      You helped me so much. I can’t thank you enough. If some Dubés can wake up on the Internet this can be more fun with all the pictures you sent me.

      So many people are there just waiting to become famous!

    • As a footnote…

      I always enjoy your comments.
      And there are no spelling mistakes also.
      I always correct them when I see some.
      Being a teacher for 34 years… Can’t break that habit.

      Take care Dennis


      P.S. I wrote Christine a message on her Facebook about Catherine de Baillon. She has royal blood.

      I kind of forgot!

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