Robin’s pictures – Final answer?

Now I know all about Mary thanks to Robin my A-team member.

The A-Team

There were so many pictures Robin scanned to look at that some were left to be identified later… much later.

This one is directly related to my distant relatives.


cousin Mary Malloy

Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau, Agnes Alexandre’s daughter, wrote the caption when we compare both handwriting.


At first I thought I was no expert at people’s handwriting, but now I am sure this is Mary Malloy with Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau’s handwriting.


Mary Malloy or Molloy is the daughter of Philomène Alexandre and Thomas Molloy. Philomène would be at 2 o’clock.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

 Now what about Mary Malloy?

Who did she marry?

Did she have any descendants?

Will any descendant write me a message like Patricia did last month?

And what about this man’s picture?


Could he be Mary’s brother?

15 thoughts on “Robin’s pictures – Final answer?

  1. Hello, I am 99.9% sure that this is my Great Grandmother Molly (Mary) Malloy. This is a link to a photo of my mother. They look very much alike, I think.
    If I’m right, then this would be the Mary Malloy that was born in NY, married James English McDevitt and was the mother of my Grandmother Maryalice McDevitt. I believe that Mary’s parents were William and Mary. My Great Grandmother was an amazing watercolorist who went by the name Moya
    Thank you for sharing these photos!

  2. The problem is that this Mary Malloy married Enrico Turconi. Her parents were Thomas James Malloy and Philomene Alexander.

  3. Thanks for checking it out. I suppose it must not be the same Mary. Maybe all Malloys just look alike. 😊

  4. Not sure if photo is Mary Malloy, my great aunt, but photo of Agnes Malloy (First Communion) is definitely my maternal grandmother.

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