How I met your ancestors? – Episode Six: East Bristol 1922

I did not know back in 2009 that Pepere had died in 1922.

Dennis Lagasse IV broke the news in 2011 when he found my blog.

original picture of the Lagasse family

I am sure all these people seen on this picture were devastated by Pepere’s death. His son Victor Philippe Lagasse, first row on the left, Pepere’s wife Amanda Ménard right behind her son Victor, Pepere’s daughters Ida Lagasse next to Victor, Rose Elmira Lagasse in front of Germaine, Bertha Lagasse third from the right, Pepere’s daughter-in-law Alice D. Myers beside Bertha, his sons Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the far right with his arms behind his back, Joseph Lagasse last row on the right, Harry Lagasse on Pepere’s right side, and Harvey Lagasse with the bow tie. His son-in-law Hector Lamothe is the tall guy in the back.

Anyone else on that picture is anybody’s guess.

East Bristol 1916

I did not know most of these people and about Pepere’s death until his great-grandson Dennis IV, the grandson of Levi Napoleon, sent me Pepere’s obituary.


The flood gates opened wide.

Obituaries are a great source of information but they have sometimes errors unless you know how to read them. It was the first time I got across the name Edna.

Edna was not Edna but Odna.

Donna, Odna’s granddaughter, would set me straight in 2012.

four generations Amanda Odna Doris Donna

 Four generations: Amanda Ménard, Odna Lagasse, Doris Ritchie and little Donna