the French Connection – Part 6 – the Percheron Immigration (and how I’m related to Angelina Jolie)

Part 6 of the French Connection

Lighten up, Brighten up

I’ve found a great website for French-Canadian ancestry called a Point in History.

It’s full of great information on early settlers of Quebec, so I’m going to use a lot of the information from this website in my post. Why re-invent the wheel? So here we go.

A brief chronology up to the Percheron Immigration

1608: Champlain sets up an “Habitation” at Quebec as well as alliances with the Algonquin, Huron (Wyandot), and Montagnais (Innu) tribes for control of the fur trade.

1611: A European colony is established by Champlain on the Island of Montréal (Ville Marie).

1617: Louis Hébertand his family settle at Quebec.

1627: Cardinal Richelieu creates theCompany of One Hundred Associates.

1628: In the spring, Robert Giffard of Normandy sails for New France with the first group of about 300 settlers along with supplies for the new settlement. The vessel…

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August 6th, 2014 – Happy 82th Lionel

I am not going to post the picture of my second cousin Lionel with his son Dennis going over the old family album, but I can tell you Lionel Lagasse has his 82th birthday today. I got a notification from Facebook last week.

Lionel was instrumental in a series of articles I wrote about the Lagasses. He had kept more than 100 old family pictures all those years. His pictures led me to Donna whose mother Doris is seen here holding Donna. Her great-grandmother Amanda Ménard is the woman sitting and her grandmother Odna is on the left.

four generations Amanda Odna Doris Donna

Four generations
Donna’s private collection

Donna is also now an interested reader of this blog and I met her at Joe’s place last year. She has also shared with me what she knew about her mother and her ancestors.

August 6th is a date Donna remembers all too well.

I don’t have to say more.

Robert Ritchie

Donna’s private collection
Robert Ritchie – On eternal patrol since August 6th, 1945

Click here…

If you click on the link, you will find this comment in the comment section.

This is how Donna found me in the first place.

Thank you for this blog.  Odna Ritchie was my grandmother.  My mother Doris was the youngest of her 6 children.  William and Robert were the Uncles I never got to meet.  My mother talked of them often.