How I met your ancestors? – Episode Four: Sometimes in 2009

I have left you with this last Monday…

Sometimes getting too excited about your ancestors is not such a good thing...

original picture of the Lagasse family

I really tried to control myself back in 2009 when I saw that picture.

I really did. 

The picture above was a kind of a Rosetta stone and a link to my past.

“Pepere” was Dennis Lagassey III who was my grandfather’s brother. Before I got that picture Dennis Lagasse III was just a name in a family tree like his brother Antoine was. That was enough to get me all excited with this first encounter with distant relatives.

Aunt Ida and Levi did not ring a bell though.

That was way back in 2009 when I lost contact with Germaine’s daughter and I never knew what went wrong.

Germaine Lagasse

Germaine Lagasse, daughter of Victor Philippe Lagasse and Alice D. Myers

In 2011 Levi’s grandson found me on the Internet, and I tried to control my reborn excitement. That was my second encounter with close relatives and I had learned a hard lesson.

Dennis sent me these right away… and he seemed as excited as I was with his ancestors.


My reaction was, shall we say, somewhat expected…