Flore Lauzon

I told you it’s going to be hard to write only once a week.

That’s Alice D. Myers’ mother.

Médard Myers

I have not found much on Flore Lauzon, and probably never will. I have found much more about the Myers though thanks to the readers who shared so much.

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You just have to search for the words Myers in the search engine.

This is how you should read this blog with more than 700 posts. The more you share, the more I write. If you write, they will come said one of my readers once.

This stuck in my mind.

If you write, they will come…


Mary Malloy

Molloy child

I believe that Philomene Alexandre and Thomas Malloy are the great grandparents I have been searching for. My father was Frances J Malloy who was son of Ada Pendlebury and Thomas J Malloy. He was placed in an orphanage in 1914 so little is know about his family. Would you share any information you have.
Thank you,


Philomene Alexandre was Philomène Lagacé’s daughter.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters


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