More than a house – More than pictures

Posting once a week and only about How I found your ancestors might be harder than I first thought.


Our roots are deeper than we think.

Acadia House

Acadian House

Médard Myers

Medard Myers’ family

Medard Myers is a direct descendant of René Hébert.

Medard N Myers

So is little Germaine Lagasse.

Germaine Lagasse


Germaine’s mother, Alice D. Myers, is the little girl in front of her father Medard N. Myers.

Médard Myers


She was as such a descendant of René Hébert, and she probably never learned about her Acadian roots.

For more on Acadian House, click here.


In the past, there have been several articles written about the Acadians, who for a time resided in Guilford, Connecticut, but none of them have answered the question–“What are their names?”

That information can be answered, at least in part, but first; a little history is in order.

Britain had won Nova Scotia from the French in 1713, so when the residents of Grand Pre woke up on the morning of September 5, 1755, they were curious about the British ships in Minas bay, but were not alarmed. After all, they were French people who had lived there since the beginning of the 17th Century, and for the last 42 years under British rule. It was true that they had never sworn allegiance to Britain, not wanting to bear arms against their own countrymen, but they had lived there as neutrals, not firing upon the British, either. The British called this land “Nova Scotia” (New Scotland), but the French called the land and the surrounding land L’Acadie, or Acadia–the Indian name meaning–the fertile soil.

52 thoughts on “More than a house – More than pictures

    • La triste histoire d’un descendant qui ne voulait ne plus rien savoir de ses ancêtres.

      Ça arrive des fois.

      Faut pas s’en faire.

  1. I really like your family tree graphic. I’m sorry to be ignorant about this, but I don’t know how to go to your tree. Am I supposed to get an email? I haven’t ever received an invitation to a tree before. I’ve only sent invitations. I’ve looked at my notifications but don’t see anything there either. 😦

  2. Ton commentaire n’a rien a voir avec le mien, mais il est certainement beaucoup plus topique. J’ai parfois tendance à m’épivarder… Tu m’excuseras, j’espère. Et ne va pas croire que mes évocations répétées à la poupounicité de certaines personnes frôle l’obsession. C’est tout simplement une coincidence 😉

    • Ton commentaire est dead on…
      Alice et Germaine sont des descendantes de René Hébert, un Acadien déporté qui se retrouve au Connectictut.

      C’est ça faire de la généalogie… On découvre le visage innocent de descendants qui ont quitté cette terre à tout jamais et qui reviennent à la vie sur une plate-forme virtuelle du XXIe siècle.

      Passionnant comme passe-temps.

  3. Une ancêtre commune? La petite et mignonne Germaine Lagasse??

    (Bon, ok. Peut-être pas pour le ”mignonne”) 😀

  4. The one family line that I have yet to document. My first year in Guilford I lived around the corner of the Acadian House and had no idea of an ancestral connection until 2002 shortly after being bitten by the genealogy bug.

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