Acadian House

More than a house…

Acadia House

Bonjour Pierre,

I’m organizing an outhouse tour for one of Guilford’s historical societies. When I was down town to view one of these hidden gems and meet the current owner I ambled two houses over to finally get a photograph of the Acadian House where Rene “Groc” Hebert and his family lived after being deported from Nova Scotia. You can post these photos if and when you feel it is appropriate or weaves into one of your entries. It is interesting that the privy I went to see had initially been located at the Acadian House.

Have a great summer vacation.

28 thoughts on “Acadian House

  1. Yes, the deportation, you have my interest, as a matter of fact I am in Port Royal, Nova Scotia tonight, and for the next two days. Its my first time here, after finding out my grandmother was a Melanson. I just had to come and see where it all started.

      • Rene Hebert and family were from Port Royal, N.S. Pierre, the other photo was same view from a little further back. While googling the Acadian House to get the exact date I came across the website I sent which had a hyperlink to your first entry on the Acadian House. Just think how many people you reach!

      • I realised that after that the ping was from my post about the Acadian House.

        I have a bunch of Heberts in my family tree.
        I won’t go into that story that much because I would have to write dozens and dozens of articles.

        But then maybe if I don’t have enough inspiration.

    • Surprise Joe… A new kid on the block…

      Just in on Ancestry…

      I believe that Philomene Alexandre and Thomas Malloy are the great grandparents I have been searching for. My father was Frances J Malloy who was son of Ada Pendlebury and Thomas J Malloy. He was placed in an orphanage in 1914 so little is know about his family.

      Would you share any information you have.

      Thank you

    • Joe, not this one, otherwise Pierre would have had the photo. I surmises that the privy moved from the Acadian House is c. 1880’s. The current owner was unaware of the move and would love to have it back.

      • Yes I do. I’m just looking over the family lines for Acadian roots these days. I wanted to do a post on Port Royal and the ancestors who went there. Now you confirmed I should do it soon. 🙂

    • This is the closest I get to René Hébert and the Acadian House…

      René Hébert (1688 – 1768)
      3rd great grandfather of wife of grand uncle
      Amant Hébert (1731 – )
      son of René Hébert
      Amant Hébert
      son of Amant Hébert
      Phoebée Hébert (1816 – )
      daughter of Amant Hébert
      Rosalie Therrien (1835 – 1895)
      daughter of Phoebée Hébert
      Amanda Ménard (1867 – 1955)
      daughter of Rosalie Therrien
      Dennis Lagassey III (1864 – 1922)
      husband of Amanda Ménard
      Dennis Lagasse II (1842 – 1927)
      father of Dennis Lagassey III
      Léo Lagacé (1888 – 1964)
      son of Dennis Lagasse II
      Léo Lagacé (1927 – 1995)
      son of Léo Lagacé
      Pierre Lagacé

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