The little nome going home…

Ron 1

Ron picked him up on his way to Nova Scotia passing through New Brunswick.

2014 July 21

To find his Acadian roots in…

Ron in Nova Scotia


23 July 2014-2


23 July 2014-1


23 July 2014


Acadian House

More than a house…

Acadia House

Bonjour Pierre,

I’m organizing an outhouse tour for one of Guilford’s historical societies. When I was down town to view one of these hidden gems and meet the current owner I ambled two houses over to finally get a photograph of the Acadian House where Rene “Groc” Hebert and his family lived after being deported from Nova Scotia. You can post these photos if and when you feel it is appropriate or weaves into one of your entries. It is interesting that the privy I went to see had initially been located at the Acadian House.

Have a great summer vacation.