How I met your ancestors? – Episode One: Montreal 1964

13 or 26 episodes?

I still don’t know if I should go that far and risk boring you to death about how I met your ancestors.

How I met your ancestors?

With this death certificate!

 acte de deces leo lagace senior

Honest! My grandfather Léo Lagacé’s death certificate.

This is exactly how I met your ancestors back in 2009. Before I saw this death certificate I knew nothing about my grandfather’s family, nor his father, nor his mother, nor his siblings,…let alone how I could link him with his famous ancestor André Mignier dit L’Agacé.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

soldier from the régiment de Carignan
artist Francis Back

The only thing I knew was that he had a brother named Adélard seen here with his wife Émilienne Côté and their three daughters.


famille Adélard Lagacé

Author’s personal collection via an old aunt

The death certificate was sent to me in 2009 by Val d’Or Lagacé, who at that time, was the secretary of the Association des familles Lagacé-Lagassé inc. Val d’Or is now the new president. I never met Val d’Or in person only through this death certificate which opened the door to my search for my unknown Lagacé ancestors.

There was a name on that death certificate:

Nom de la mère (mother’s name)


That had to be the surname of my grandfather’s mother.

And there was her given name…


The hunt was on for H. Alexandre and for my grandfather’s ancestors!

Léo Lagacé and two of his sons in 1933

Montreal, 1933
My grandfather Léo with his two sons, one of which was my father

Author’s personal collection


Finding your ancestors was the easy part.

Stopping was the hardest part. And it still is.

Pierre 1949

Moi… on the hood of a Hudson taxi cab in 1949
Author’s personal collection

Let’s roll!


13 thoughts on “How I met your ancestors? – Episode One: Montreal 1964

    • I have new pictures to show you in September.
      I just have to get permission to bring those people alive again. It’s all about Alphonse Gosselin’s family.
      I won’t do it if I don’t get the green light.
      I have learned my lesson.

      • Oh! I’m sorry you had a bad experience with that! I’ve put some family pictures of old up, but never had any problems with it. I think it’s fascinating to read family histories. And all the more so when you can actually see faces.

      • I explain what I do with my blog.
        Then try again once more if I don’t get any feedback.

        After I drop the subject.

        You will see in an upcoming episode what happened.

      • What I meant was that if someone shares personal old pictures with me first it’s natural not to post them unless they agree.

        If I find something on the Internet, I will try to contact the person or post it with the source.

        Even then, there was a problem with the headstone of Exeurie Myers I found on Find A Grave.

        The person was kind of insulted.

        The irony is that I could have shared many old pictures of Exeurie Myers and a lot of information about her ancestors.

        It was not meant to be.

  1. Hi Pierre,
    Love your family story and pictures. As far back as I can remember ( at least last year!) I have always been interested in finding information on my ancestors. Everyone says I have an old soul, whatever that really means. I quickly learned that no one else, except my daughter, is as interested in family history and that’s ok. At least I know that I have one person that will be thrilled that I put as much effort into find our ancestors. Wished I had started ten years earlier.

    I have contacted a lot of people over the years and most are really nice but some just do not want to share information or even respond. You would think I was asking for money instead of just information! I am very grateful that you contacted me because you opened a whole new world on my father’s family. You went way beyond anything I expected in locating documentation on my family. So keep on doing what you do so well and I will continue to read your blog!
    Have a nice day,

    • You are so nice Susan with this comment.

      I just can’t help helping people who share a common passion.

      I would wish everyone would share the same passion as I do.

  2. I have a 1948-50 photo of my three paternal greataunts and I had hit the brick wall trying to get info on one. The 1921 Census does not list her with her husband and children. Was she off visiting relatives, on a visit, or divorced or separated. I was almost ready to ask you how to continue when July I got an email in reference to a query I posted in 2003 on the Ancestry message board. Since July 4th I have discovered that she died in 1916 following childbirth and a lot of info and photos, including the marriage photo of this great aunt and uncle. I, in turn was able to send her photos that she was able to give to the greataunt’s daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I remember how ecstatic I was when I discovered all the precious photos you had posted in “Our Ancestors”. Finally I had photographs of my maternal grandmother’s father’s family. Now I have to find photos of the Menards and the mysterious women with my two great aunts. Thank you to all who graciously share their photos with you and others.

    • Sharing is the most wonderful thing about genealogy.
      People who keep all to themselves are missing so much.

  3. I love all of them. Thank you for your passion. As Susan mentioned above, I too have had any and all human resources not reply for whatever reason. I will continue because I have this passion now.

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