A day in the life of Alphonse and Rose

July 6th 1944

Click here.

This picture is much more than just a picture.

Rose and Alphonse

I have more pictures to show you if I get the permission to show them.

This I can show you though.

It’s a picture of a granddaughter.

I can’t recall who sent it.

Ann Bérubé

Ann Bérubé


Source http://www.circusfire1944.com/

I know Alphonse and Rose must have been devastated when they broke the news about Ann.

article about Ann Bérubé

Source http://www.circusfire1944.com/

25 thoughts on “A day in the life of Alphonse and Rose

  1. Wow! We were suppose to go to the circus that day but my father’s Merchant Marine allotment check was late in arriving. It came the day after the fire.

      • I think it’s okay that you did. I remember reading something about what I believe was a Jewish saying. I’ll never remember the exact quote, but a person will never truly die until they are forgotten. And you just gave others a memory of this little girl. She isn’t forgotten now.

      • I don’t know if he was Jewish or not, but I read something along that line.

        I believe writing about people brings them to life again.

        This is why I have decided to write a series of articles about How I met your ancestors?

        It’s the true story of how I met wonderful people who have shared what little they knew. Some almost threw away old pictures, others did not have a faintess idea of who these people were on those old pictures.

        Luckily they stumbled upon my blog.

      • Fran is a loyal reader of my blog.
        She will be in an episode of How I met your ancestors?

        That story is also incredible. It started with a small comment she made on the blog…
        Most often this is what happens.

        About Joe?
        Another wonderful story about a great guy.

      • This is Fran’s comment on this post written in December 2011…


        Thrilled with the photos.

        My maternal grandmother was the daughter of JB Alexandre and Caroline Menard (Amanda’s sister, married to Stanislaus Lagasse).

        She was the niece of Myra Alexandre Archambeault.

        The only photos I have of the Alexandres is my grandmother’s wedding photo, which includes her sister Amelia, a photo of her dad and a photo of adults identified as Alexandres.

        The last two sent by his grandson’s wife. I would love permission to copy the photos.
        I know they do not fall within copywrite law: but I would like to add the identified ones to my research and cite your site as the source. I have never sent/forwarded photos but I will try to send them to you.

      • Kristen Ferraro

        I came across this discussion online and wanted to see if there is perhaps any connection or information on my great-great grandfather? He was a Dubia from Bolton VT and may have been related to Peter Dubia who served in the Civil War. His daughter, Florence, abandon my grandmother when she was young, thus we know very, very little about this side of the family. The information is as follows:

        John E. Dubia
        Birth: 1865
        Chittenden County
        Vermont, USA
        Death: Mar. 25, 1949
        West Springfield
        Hampden County
        Massachusetts, USA
        Wife Julia 1887-1955

        I have found that family, but I am still looking for the link to Peter Dubia.

        This comment was made on this post:


    • Wow! We were suppose to go to the circus that day but my father’s Merchant Marine allotment check was late in arriving. It came the day after the fire.

  2. I read Stewart O’Nan’s book “The Circus Fire” several years ago — this sad post brought it all back. Circus tents in those days were waterproofed with a combination of paraffin and gasoline (!), so one little spark could very easily get out of control. It’s a tough, but very interesting, book. So many people and animals lost their lives that day.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      This is indeed a sad story which left scars in that family.
      I am not directly related to Alphonse and Rose, but as a grandfather I am sadden by what they must have gone through.

  3. Like Joe I remember that day and the preceding one when we were told that we would not be going to the circus. It was wartime and we were living with my maternal grandparents. Once the news of the fire broke conversation in the house frequently referred to how fortunate we were that dad’s allotment check was late and how we could have been injured or killed. Again, like Joe I was 4 1/2 and have never been to see a circus. I think that those of our age and others living in the greater Hartford area on that day were impacted by this event in similar ways. I’m sure that the fact that Rose and my grandmother were related contributed to the somberness of those days.

    • Hi Fran,

      Thank you for sharing this with us.

      I am so glad we have made contact through this blog.
      I have met Joe in person four times since 2011.
      He is such a great human being.

      I never met you but I know you are one too.


  4. I am related to her, but very distantly. The only way they could identify her body was by the locket she had around her neck. I’ve been told it was her father that identified her. Such a sad story.

    • I have added this…

      Courtesy Jen Tillman

      to the photo of Ann and the newspaper clipping.

      Is this what you wanted me to do?

      • Well I do want you to do that, but I didn’t give you that photo. I was responding to an earlier comment about giving permission to post pictures that may have Alphonse and Rose in them. You said you’d hope my aunt and I would join or something like that. Sorry for any confusion.

      • That’s okay Jen, I will check up on this series of posts and try to figure out all this.

        Thanks for commenting.

        I appreciate this.


        P.S. I knew your name rang a bell.

      • Got it!

        I now know who you are in my family tree.

        Lovely wedding picture of Doris.

        You will like my next post about Lovely Rita. Then I will post the wedding picture of Doris and write about her ancestors.

        I will give due credit… I always do.

        Thanks again for commenting.


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