Commercial break – Alexis Gosselin

Yes folks, there will be commercial breaks during these episodes of How I met your ancestors?.

Alexis Gosselin…

Just a name in the 1852 Canadian Census?

Think again.

1852 Census Alexis Gosselin

First name on the list…

Alexis Gofselin, cultivateur, lieu de naissance Chambly, âge 65 ans.

Of course this is Alexis Gosselin, 65 years-old, a farmer from St-Damase, Quebec, the ancestor of this man.

Alphonse Gosselin 1

Alphonse Gosselin

And a whole lot more down the road to St-Damase, Quebec!

Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “Commercial break – Alexis Gosselin

  1. Feel free to post the pic of Alphonse and Rose Maynard that I sent to you earlier in the year (I think I sent it to you)

    • Can you tell me what to write under the pictures so I can give due credits for them.

      Do I write Courtesy Jen Tillman?

      I will gladly do so.

  2. I didn’t give you the Anne Berube photo. I was referring to any photos I think I sent you through email. I hope to see more on the Gosselin page. It really is fascinating!

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