My Holiest Moments

You probably went through all this and never talked about it…

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I’m coming clean.

The guilt of a couple of things just needs to be shed.   This may be easier said than done.  After all I do have the curse of being Irish Catholic Middle Child Oldest Daughter Guilt Syndrome.

I know that religion is very important.  I happen to love and admire the beautiful traditions of religion.  Not just mine, but many.  As an adult I can look at many different traditions and appreciate the significance, the meaning, the respect shown towards God through traditions and ceremony.


I did not always quite get it.

I’m not really claiming to get all of  it now.

But I do get that I did some things that I probably ought to fess up about.

Some are pretty innocent.  Baptism?  I don’t remember it at all.  I am pretty sure that I don’t have to.   As I got older there were…

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