3 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs You Are French Canadian!

    • Well said Ron though some English speaking readers won’t know what is “caw lin da bin” means…

      “Câline de binnes” is an expression used when someone shows that he is surprised by something like nowadays OMG!

      However “Câline de binnes” is less strong similar to “No, you don’t say” or “By Jove”…

      There is an expression where “câlines de binnes” is also used like “câlines de binnes de bonnes binnes” meaning “darn good beans”

      “Câline de binnes” may come from (this is just my own theory) from “Call in the beans”. Lumberjacks would say that to call the cook who was always making beans. I believe lumberjacks would eat beans three times a day.

      Please comment on this comment. I would hate if a school student write a paper on the expression “Câline de binnes” and use all this.

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